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Maze game

The complete suite of the maze game! Various maze game is provided.

Maze game is to move the ball to the destination. Destination is represented as a small rectangle. Passes all destinations, the game will be finished.

1) tilt maze game

The ball only moves in a straight line, and the ball does not stop until the walls.

2) bomb maze game

You can pass through walls with bomb items. Depending on the number of bomb, you can penetrate walls.

You can be obtained bombs from the maze map. Obtained in the lower-right corner displays the number of bombs you get a bomb. If you press the bomb, the bomb in the bottom left is displayed.

Press the X characters, you can cancel the selected bomb.

3) two ball maze game

You can move black and blue ball. You can move ball until the destination of the same color.

4) classic maze game

The ball stops at the aisle. The user is able to move the ball in the desired direction.

5) moving maze game

If you touch the dark part of the wall of the maze, you can rotate the maze walls.

Whenever you touch the maze wall, it rotates in a clockwise direction.

When you rotate the wall which blocked, the new pathway opens. You can move the ball to the new pathway.

If the wall is rotated, new pathway is created.

Android 3.0+

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